About Us

Enrico Betti Builders is a family owned business which has been operating in the Western Cape since 1963. Established and based in the Southern Suburbs of Claremont, recent years have seen us work all over the peninsula on multi-scale projects. Being a specialist company in residential alterations, renovations and new builds we actively manage, plan and build projects from construction commencement to final completion. With no job being too big or too small we never shy away from any project, be it in the commercial or industrial sectors. Always ready and willing to rectify any defects that may occur in the building process is a testament to our reliability and integrity to deliver the highest quality standards achievable.


Company Members

Enrico Betti (ND – Building)

Enrico is a professional, passionate and hard working individual who has devoted his life to the company, dedicating over 35 years of service.



Carlo Betti (ND – Building; BTech – QS)

Carlo, also a passionate professional member of the company, excels with his hands-on approach to all aspects of the trade, from breaking ground to finishing touches; taking great pride in each build.


Background / History

Originally P. Betti Builders, Enrico took over from his uncle Pietro in 1982 when the company worked in the industrial sector building factories and warehouses. Five years later, he changed the name to Enrico Betti Builders, where he began to draw the focus of the company to residential construction, which has thrived in operation ever since. Carlo joined the company in 2013, yielding the third generation Betti to the company, bringing a young, fresh approach to the business.